Helping with the COVID vaccinations at the Cowgill practice

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Helping with the COVID vaccinations at the Cowgill practice

I was asked if I could meet and greet our patients at the next COVID vaccination clinic, where I would be helping with the self arrival screen.

On the day of the clinic, each patient arrived for their appointment. I asked them to sanitise their hands and to wear a mask. If they didn’t have a mask, I provided them with one. I put their details into the screen so they were accepted as being booked in. I gave them information about the vaccine they were about to have and I asked them to sit down and wait for their names to be called.

The clinic worked extremely well and for the majority of the patients they were called straight in, had their vaccine and… as we were operating a one way system… they were then straight on out. Once a patient had left their seat I wiped it down with disinfectant wipes, ready for the next one.

All the patients that attended commented on how quick and efficient the clinic was run plus the ‘jab’ didn’t hurt! In fact, we got a lot of excellent feedback on our local Facebook page.

It was great to be a part of a very well organised clinic. By using the self arrival screen it enabled the receptionists to carry on with their work and not be interrupted.

Joyce Thackwray, Chairperson of the Patient Council