Information for our patients

Affinity Care supports over 65,000 patients with their care across a number of sites in Bradford.

Extended hours

Access to services out of normal hours

Our practices are part of the extended access service which provides GP, Physiotherapy, Nurse, and Health care assistant appointments from the following locations (hubs) across Bradford:

  • North hub: Shipley Medical Practice, Alexandra Road, Shipley, Bradford BD18 3EG
  • Central hub: Picton Medical Centre, Westbourne Green Community Health Care Centre, Manningham, Bradford, BD8 8RA
  • South hub: The Ridge Medical Practice, Cousen Road, Bradford, BD7 3JX

As a patient registered with this practice, you have access to the following:

Weekday appointments

Evening appointments (6.30pm – 9.30pm) at any of the three hubs to see one of the following, subject to availability:

  • GP
  • Physiotherapist
  • Nurse
  • Health care assistant
  • Voluntary sector services

Weekend appointments

Weekend appointments are available with a GP from 10.00am – 1.00pm on Saturdays and Sundays from the central hub, subject to availability.

More information about appointments with the extended access service

The service is run by Bradford Care Alliance, which represents all GP practices in the Bradford area. Medical appointments are with GPs and other healthcare staff who work in the area; so your appointment may not be with a clinician from this practice.To use the service we will ask for your consent to share your medical record and our reception staff will explain what this means and why it is necessary.

To learn more about how and why we process your information at:

Further details of the services and location maps are available at:

New patients

Listening to the patient voice

We are constantly looking to improve the services we offer our patients against the back drop of major changes within the NHS.

One way in which we can ensure we are working on the right things is to ask you, our patients.

As such, we want to have an active Patient Council who meet with the Director of Operations at Affinity Care and individual Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) at all our practices.

Patient Council

The main purpose for the Patient Council is to represent and be the voice of Affinity Care’s registered patients but we are also there to act as a central reference group representing Patient Participation Groups (PPG) from Affinity Care to enable the patients of Affinity Care to make an effective contribution to the planning, commissioning, monitoring and improvement of health care services provided locally by Affinity Care.

The Patient Council is made up of:

  • the chairperson or a representative from each of the PPG groups across Affinity Care
  • a clinician
  • two members of HALE
  • the Director of Operations for Affinity Care

Joyce ThackwrayMy role as Chairperson is to liaise with the Director of Operations and the group as a whole, plan the agenda for meetings and ensure our meetings run to time.

Personally, I am pleased to help with all of the Affinity Care practices as the patient voice must be heard. Whilst we do not need any other volunteers for the Patient Council we do need people to join our PPGs.

Joining the PPG at your surgery can help to decide ways of making a positive contribution to the services and facilities offered by the practice to their patients.

— Joyce Thackwray

See our Patient Charter

We aim to provide a modern, effective, caring service without losing the traditional concept of family medicine.

Under our patients’ charter

  • You can expect pleasant and easily accessible premises.
  • You can expect a repeat prescription, if appropriate, within 48 hours.
  • You can expect confidentiality to be maintained at all times.
  • You should not expect the doctors to automatically issue a prescription at every consultation.
  • You can expect to be referred to a hospital or special unit if appropriate.
  • You can expect to be offered appropriate advice on staying healthy and avoiding illness, together with the relevant information on self-help for minor illness.
  • You can expect the practice to be committed to ongoing training for all personnel.
  • You can expect the staff to be polite, helpful and efficient.
  • If acutely ill, you can expect to be seen the same day.
  • You can expect the practice to have a structured complaints procedure.

With these rights come responsibilities

  • You have a responsibility to show consideration to the staff.
  • You have a responsibility to only request home visits when absolutely necessary.
  • You have a responsibility to keep appointments unless adequate notice has been given to the contrary.
  • You have a responsibility to adhere to the policy for repeat prescriptions.
  • You have a responsibility to recognise consultations are for one person only

Affinity Care Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships Events

Happy, healthy at home

The aim of Community Partnerships is to bring together a range of health and social care providers to work together as a team. This team’s goal is to identify its local population’s health and social care needs and then develop and carry out projects to maintain these needs. This will allow people to get care, support and wellbeing services close to where they live and enable them to remain happy, healthy and at home.

Who are Affinity Care Community Partnership?

Affinity Care Community Partnership is a group of allied community health, care and wellbeing services, covering the approximate 60,000 patients across the sites of the Affinity Care group of GP practices.

We consist of a leadership team who share our knowledge, ideas and expertise in order to work together with our local communities. Our team includes people from a variety of health, social care and third sector organisations. We consist of patient representatives, as well as staff from the Affinity Care GP practices, community nursing, mental health services, community pharmacy, voluntary organisations including Hale, The Bridge Project and Carers’ Resource, the council ward officers, and community and hospital NHS staff.

We aim to address the health inequalities that affect the most marginalised, vulnerable and disenfranchised. We promise to engage with, and empower those whose voices are not often heard, not only to address the health and wellbeing problems that already affect our populations, but also try and prevent them occurring in the first place.

ACCP Newsletter January 2022


DIVA Bradford

Are you looking for a local group to join? Do you have hobbies that you want to discuss with other like-minded people or want to try something new? Then please go to Diva to find lots of local groups that may be right up your street.


Social Prescribing directory – Treacle

Treacle is a great website that can help you when you find yourself needing some extra support. You can be linked to local organisations that can help with making friends, money concerns, mental wellbeing, family issues, work and medical wellbeing.


Wellbeing support links


Affinity Care Community Partnership logo: houses and trees

Patient Participation Group (PPG)

How you can help?

We need young people, workers, retirees, people with long term conditions and people from all ethnic groups. People like you who are patients at one of our practices.

We would like a core group of patient members who will meet with the practice team a few times a year. Refreshments will be provided by the practice and any travel expenses will be reimbursed.

We also wish to create a larger group of patients whom we can contact occasionally via email or invite to a video conference call (like Skype or Zoom) in order to ask a question or two and gain valuable feedback.

What a PPG can achieve?
  • Offer patient feedback about their experiences with the surgery
  • Help the practice improve their services
  • Help the practice make the best use of their resources
  • Improve communication
  • Help to promote good health
  • Influence decisions about which services are provided
  • Offer practical support to the practice
What a PPG is NOT for?
  • A forum for complaints
  • A fundraising organisation
  • A time consuming activity

Join our PPG