Research information for staff

Training to support research

A key requirement for anyone involved in the conduct of clinical research is Good Clinical Practice for research (GCP) training. GCP is the guideline and standard to which all NHS research is conducted.

All clinical staff will be required to have a current Good Clinical Practice (GCP) certificate (which is valid for 2 years) as part of Mandatory training.

Access GCP courses

You can access GCP courses via the learning platform NIHR Learn.

You need to look for: Course Introduction to Good Clinical Practice eLearning (Primary Care) OR GCP refresher courses.

Please upload to IRIS and please send a copy to Dr Humphrey.

If you have trouble logging in to your NIHR Learn account or resetting your password, please contact the CRN Service Desk on or 0207 333 5894. They can help with all account queries.

All non-clinical staff will be offered Research Fundamentals training as regular intervals via out Practice Learning Times.

If you want further information about other training opportunities via the NHIR please visit their website.

Clinicians may want to consider Informed Consent Training or Principle Investigator (PI) training if you are actively involved in recruiting patients and running a trial.

Getting involved

If you are interesting in being involved in any aspect of research, which could be aligned to any part of your job role, please do contact either your practice lead for a chat or Deborah Askham and Sara Humphrey.

Widening participation in medical research

The spotlight has never been as fixed on medical research as it is now.

At the beginning of last year, little was known about how we should treat coronavirus. But thanks to healthcare staff sharing information and findings quickly, we now know how to handle the virus more effectively. In a new blog, Professor Sue Carr, our Deputy Medical Director and Consultant Nephrologist, discusses why doctors should have more opportunities to take part in research, regardless of their role, specialty or location.

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