Enhanced Access

We are very pleased to announce that from October 2022, Affinity Care will have the option of providing additional appointments for our patients.  We know this is something you have been asking for and we are keen to see how we can improve access for our patients.

Under our current contract we provide GP services from 08:00-18:30 Monday to Friday.  Additional hours on an evening and weekends are currently provided by an external organisation, Bradford Care Alliance, in a small number of locations across Bradford.

By providing this service ourselves, patient appointments would be with staff employed by Affinity Care using our care pathways and processes that you are already familiar with. Our hope is that we can provide these in some of our surgeries, closer to our patients.

As part of the NHS selection process, patients and other stakeholders are asked to complete a simple questionnaire and suggested improvements.  We will then review this feedback and use this to help determine how we deliver the additional appointments. So, to help us with this, please complete the short questionnaire below.


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All answers are anonymised and individual responses stay confidential.

Please note that the Enhanced Access does not affect the services you currently receive including where you are registered.